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The White Wolf

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21, 2010 by ghost19

The wolf population in Ghost creek was growing to at a high rate and they were killing live stock .In the town of Ghost creek  there was a butcher Anonthony Gontez was his name and he was a. Champion Hunter so the mayor asked him to get the wolf population down and every wolf. Dead he would earn 2,500 Anonthony Gontez saw it as a good deal so he got . His 12 gage and whent up into the hills he had that job for 5 years the wolf population in Ghost creek was 3 wolves a pack and there were  only 7 packs left.He wanted to retire and spend the money he maid 1 year passed and there were sightings on the local farms and the. Farmers said they saw a White wolf killing there life stock and when they shot at it the bullets whent right through it and it vaneshed so Anonthony grabed his gun and a live lamb for bate  he . Whent to the hills and tied the lamb a mile away and sat next to a tree 2 days some of his friends whent into the hills and saw the lamb and it was hungry but alive and they found anonthonthy and his throte was cut wide open his gun was never fired and no sing of strugle and the Whit Wolf was never seen again.